End-User Adoption Services

91% of employees believe digital technology can transform the way they work for the better

Are you getting the most value from your investment?

No matter how recently you have implemented your Cisco Collaboration or Video solution — whether it was last week, last year or you’ve yet still to implement — you want to ensure that you achieve full integration and maximum usage throughout your organisation.

With our Usage and Adoption programmes, you can ensure that everyone in your business benefits from sharing, communicating and enjoying the new Collaboration tools.

Employee Productivity

Employees will learn how they can increase productivity by using next-generation workplace software and devices as a part of their daily tasks.

Organisational Profitability

Accelerating employee usage of Collaboration throughout your organisation will help you reduce internal costs and contribute to improving profitability.

Measurable ROI

Realising and demonstrating positive and measurable ROI will allow you to justify future investments.



Train your users



Awareness of the 'why' before the 'how'



Leverage the technology to meet business outcomes



Embrace change



KPI measurement and achievement



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Taleka and Lift Innovate have joined forces to more effectively deliver End-User Adoption Services for Cisco.

LIFTinnovate has developed a Business Adoption Roadmap that rapidly identifies a customer’s measurable business outcomes and specific business use cases for the use of Cisco Software to deliver on those business outcomes.

Taleka’s expertise in training business users to use Cisco Software tools enhances our combined ability to ensure those outcomes are realised.

People don’t want computers. They want to relate, share, communicate, enjoy, learn, discover, analyze, and create.
- Gartner