UC Trainer

Taleka UC eLearning solutions help you to drive successful collaboration with your customers?

The smart route to customer success


Create the added value needed to differentiate your customer offer & win new business

Supports fast deployments

Drives rapid end user adoption


Increase user effectiveness and end customer (consumer) satisfaction

Increase VAR solution margins


Drive increased retention of users

Leverage greater upsell and cross-sell opportunities

More than 500,000 Users Worldwide

UC-trainer is a series of interactive customised tutorials showing how handsets and UC applications actually work in the language used on the phone/application.

Each section ranges in length from around 30 seconds to 2 minutes and is designed to be dipped into rather than run from start to finish. The package can be used as part of the pre-migration communication to users, as an aide-memoire after user migration and to help users navigate through the features of their new system. Additionally, it can be used for new starts as part of an induction programme.

Our experienced trainers have been significantly involved in creating the UC-trainer. Their working knowledge of Cisco Unified Communications has been transferred to create an informative and well-designed eLearning tutorial that reflects the best practice in the use of these products.

The content can be provided in various languages/locales such as English, Spanish, French, Flemish, German, Russian, Polish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Other languages can be developed as required.

Customisation & Branding

The content and branding of the package can be customised to your organisation’s specific requirements to reflect your live environment. Multiple phone models, functionality and software applications can be incorporated into the package. Corporate colours and logos can also be included. UC-trainer can also incorporate bespoke content/software.

Easily Upgradable

Cisco Unified Communications are constantly evolving and as new features and functions become available your UC-Trainer can be upgraded to reflect this (this is a chargeable service).


The final product is delivered as swf flash files, or HTML5 for non flash enabled devices. These can be distributed by the company as required, for example through the company intranet or on CD. We also provide hosting services for our portal options.

Hosted Training Portals

We offer a hosted training portal option, branded for Cisco VAR’s for you to offer access to your customers on an short or long term basis – contact us to discuss our portal solutions for resellers.